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i have recently revealed my hot wife fantasy to my wife of 5 years. She acts dismissive yet when we have sex and I bring it up she seems to cum a lot harder ;) however I do not know what to say any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. BTW Thank you for your blog I am a big fan

Personally I thinks it’s hard for women to switch gears from wife, mom & work over to being a hot wife. What we do is once a month get a nice hotel room in the city. This gets my wife out of her environment because when we are at home she is worrying what needs to be done around the house, kids and it’s hard for her to feel sexy.

Once we get a room we just relax have a few drinks and then talk about the lifestyle. Then her and I (no one else) go to a club or lounge and have drinks dance and she is more open new ideas. And we go from there. She may meet one of her lovers later on or try to pick up a new one.

You have to realize for men we always think about sex. And trying to talk to your wife about sex on a boring ass Tuesday afternoon is not very sexy to her.

So take her out of the house get a nice room (I suggest Hyatt or hilton) and then talk to her about it and the next month do the same thing but set up a meeting

Do you eat her cream pies?

No I do not. In fact there has only been a few select guys she has let cum in her. We always play safe


Getting ready for date night..with other men!

The set up before the date is half the fun!

  • That week tease each other and don’t have sex 2 days before the date
  • Go lingerie shopping ahead of time with your husband. Pick out what you want to wear and make him pay for it. Then remind him that he may be buying it, but another man will be getting the benefit.
  • Have him trim you to the prefect stripper trim
  • Let him put nail polish on your toes
  • Try on different outfits, lingering and looking in the mirror with hubby watching
  • Let him sit and watch as you put on your makeup and lipstick with commentary about what your red lips will be doing to another man’s cock

Let hubby go down on you briefly before you dress, but just enough to give him a taste of what he’s giving away. Never let him make you cum and never let him masturbate. It’s all about waiting. I’m waiting so he’s waiting.
Don’t just wait before your date. Use it. Play with it. If you’re not playing with the wait, you’re missing out on half the fun!

This seems interesting

This seems interesting

I have questions. Can you help me?


Vegas 2007. We met this stranger at the green door in Las Vegas. After talking & flirting with him she invited him back to our room. And the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Notice the skirt she is wearing?

We have a lot more pictures of her wearing that same skirt with other men.

I like the pictures of the wife being felt up, especially the hand on her pussy.

Some of my favorite. I would like to see more hotwife blogs show that. I will never forget the first time I saw her felt up by another man.

Were do you find the men she plays with?

We found some on adult friend finder. And most are regular guys we have met. But we use Craigslist a lot.

It sucks because out of a 100 guys only 3 are even legit.

Hello - how many years did you fantasize about your wife fucking other men before she actually did it. Also, did you initiate the hotwife fantasy or was it your wife's idea. And how did you find her first lover or did she find him herself XXX Rob

We started out like everyone else. She wanted to try a single female. We ended up getting into the swinging lifestyle and we tried wmw 3 way and she didn’t care for other women.

So we tried a MFM 3 way and I found it was more fun watching. We didn’t even know about the hotwife lifestyle.

And we gave up swinging and now only play in the hotwife lifestyle.

I will never get tired of watching my wife get ready for a date.

This was a new friend we met on Craigslist. We all met for a drink and then I left the two of them alone and headed back to the room to wait for them.

They came back a couple of hours later and were ready for some fun.

Another set of my hotwife getting ready for a date. More to come. Please reblog

Another set of my hotwife getting ready for a date. More to come. Please reblog

Not my wife but she loves the shoes

Not my wife but she loves the shoes

Love your hotwife, could u submit a pic so I can enjoy her


A few more of my hotwife & her date hotwifephotos hotwifecompendium

A few more of my wife with her date in a hotel room. Please reblog if you like watching other men pull down your wife’s panties